Trainee Feedback on Teaching

We value the feedback that trainees provide through Accelerate on teaching sessions and this is vital for us to continue to shape the curriculum. We also use the feedback as part of our discussions with presenters so that the content and delivery of teaching matches your needs. We understand that it is easy to forget to provide feedback, especially when you are pressed with other responsibilities, but it is very important to the Programme that we get your views. So, our administration team will monitor the feedback you provide and let you know if you are missing any. The feedback software also allows you to see quickly the sessions for which you haven’t provided feedback.

We also want to emphasise the importance of role of the trainees, who link to particular components of the Programme, as they can feedback more comprehensively across a series of teaching sessions.

You will also have an additional opportunity to provide feedback as a group (via your year representative) on the academic curriculum to the Programme Liaison Committee which is attended by the Academic, Clinical, Research and Programme Directors.