Assignments and Academic Progression

Assignments are an important part of learning within the DClinPsy and consist of work that is required as part of the Academic Module, for which you may receive formative feedback, but which does not contribute to the assessment of the module.

Formative assignments include:

  • Locality-based tasks and packs
  • Preparatory and follow-up reading for sessions and tutorials
  • Trainee presentations in sessions and tutorials
  • The first two clinical problem-based learning (PBL) presentations at the beginning of year one
  • Presentations and other tasks within the ROP series
  • Two further clinical problem-based learning (PBL) presentations
  • One ROP problem-based learning (PBL) presentation

Summative assignments include:

  • Three clinical problem-based learning (PBL) written summary reports
  • One ROP problem-based learning (PBL) written summary report
  • Four clinical practice reports (CPR)
  • One professional issues essay.

All assignments within the programme are consistent with the Health and Care Professions Council Standards for Education and Training . Please refer to the Programme chapter of the Handbook for details of marking and pass/fail criteria. 

All assignments in the academic module must be passed. Details are in the programme chapter.