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The training is run at University of Exeter

‌‌Rumination-focused Cognitive behavioural therapy for Depression & Anxiety



Professor Watkins  is a research clinical psychologist, with an MSc and Chartership in Clinical Psychology (1995) and a PhD (1998), both from the Institute of Psychiatry, London. Prof. Watkins currently works as a researcher, teacher and clinical practitioner within the Mood Disorders Centre, which is a partnership between the University of Exeter and Devon Partnership NHS Trust. He is the director of the Study of Maladaptive to Adaptive Repetitive Thought (SMART) lab and serves as an expert member of the NICE Guidelines for Depression in Adults from 2015-2017.


Training Information

About the Course

A 5 day training event  to learn how to tackle rumination effectively, led by the developer of the therapy, Professor Ed Watkins. Rumination has been identified as a core process in the maintenance and onset of depression and as a possible mechanism contributing to co-morbidity. RFCBT focuses on changing the process of thinking, rather than just thought content and is proven in clinical trials to be effective for difficult-to-treat patients (Watkins et al. 2011 British J. Psychiatry) and in preventing depression and anxiety. We provide the sole formal training in RFCBT globally.

The workshop will review RFBCT's principles and evidence, and provide detailed instruction, role-play practice (including videotapes sessions with feedback, to assess competence), and experiential engagement in assessment, formulation, therapy decisions and core techniques (functional analysis, behavioural activation, experiential exercises, imagery, concreteness, behavioural experiments.) The workshop is suitable for therapists with an intermediate-to-good working knowledge of CBT.


Date and venue

6th - 10th February 2017

Training is to be held at the University of Exeter, Mood Disorder Centre, Streatham Campus, Queens Drive, Exeter. EX4 4QG.


The cost of the event are outlined below:

Fee for Non-University Delegates: £800

Closing date for applications: 31st January  2017              

Please complete the following booking form  and send to or post to: 

Sir Henry Wellcome Building, Psychology, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter, Perry Road, EX4 4QG.

Online Payments can be made using the following webpage;

Attendance will be limited to 6 places. It is advisable to book early as we expect demand to be high.