Non Violent Resistance (NVR) and New Authority Awareness Day for Parents and Carers: a first introduction to principles and methods

Friday 15th June 2018


Rachel Aylmer is a Specialist Parenting practitioner and an Associate Director of PartnershipProjects. She has over twenty years of experience working with families and young people as a behaviour support specialist and has collaborated NVR the 12-step principles in her work with parents recovering from addiction. (For more please go to

Training Information

About the Workshop

In collaboration with PartnershipProjects the University of Exeter is delighted to announce a new one day workshop which introduces the core methods and underlying principles of Non Violent Resistance (NVR). NVR is a new, innovative approach to dealing with aggressive, harmful, and self-destructive behaviour. Deriving its methods from the principles of raising parental presence, de-escalation and reconciliation, NVR promotes constructive resistance to harmful behaviour, while seeking to support adults in reconnecting with their child and developing a non-punitive yet strong parental position.

By supporting adults to act in reconciliatory ways towards the young person, whilst at the same time helping them to develop an effective network of adult supporters, NVR is a relational approach, which combines well with systemic and attachment-orientated perspectives. By working with and through the adults, we can help young people overcome serious behavioural problems, even and especially when they themselves do not cooperate in the therapeutic process.

Date and Venue

Friday 15th June 2018

The Workshop is being held at University of Exeter, Streatham Campus, Washington Singer building, Perry Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG.

Room 105.

The day will be running from 9:30am to 4:30pm.


The cost of this event is £75 per person.

To book a place please visit the online store.

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